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  1. I left an email on your facebook page couldbu just let me know if you have or havent got it, i understanf your busy so thank you 🙂

  2. Lots of good facts and good luck on your crusade. We don’t use growth hormones in new zealand and your statement that ” hormones are administered to them to promote healthy growth” will come back and bite you where it hurts..Growth hormones in the food chain is a ticking timebomb.

    • Hi there. I was a visiting (European) animal scientist at AgResearch, Ruakura years ago. Steroid implants are not used in NZ because you raise mostly bull beef I believe and because you export to the EU. There is no such thing as “hormone-free meat” – every living animal has lots of peptide, protein, steroid and other hormones. Indeed, your bull beef in NZ has about 100 fold more steroids than the hormone-implanted steers (castrated bulls) in North America. In any event, despite the ban on steroid implants in the EU in 1987, there is not one case of a problem associated with eating steroid-implanted beef in North and South America in over 40 years, millions of cattle and billions of beef meals later…..

  3. am a mother of 4, 3 boys and 1 girl. we are all farm bred, and I think you boys are the best thing that ever hit farming. I live just 30 miles from Omaha, Ne. One of my daughter – in – laws is a 8th grade teacher in a His spanish neighborhood, we did a day on the farm, those that had been exposed to the farm before had a ball, those that had never stepped in “it” still had a great time, and learned alot. Can not believe there are still people just in Omaha, 30 miles from me that still think Milk comes from the store. Keep up the good work, you guys have helped farmers so much. Thank you!!!xxoo from a mother of farmers and cattlemen.

  4. I really enjoy you taking the time to explain why agriculture is so important. There aren’t a lot of people outside of the farming industry that understand how dedicated a person or a family has to be in order to provide the rest of the human population with food and clothes for their families and you and your family are going to great lengths to get the word out there. Your blog is great and I look forward to reading more!

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  6. While we do not have any evidence that the growth hormones have done any damage on the consumers, We don’t have any evidence that it doesn’t either. Yes NATURALLY occurring hormones are present in all animals. This is not what consumers are worried about. What the general educated consumer is concerned with is the synthetic hormones or the ones injected. I too live on a farm, and I understand the use (for you) in the growth hormones, it honestly comes down to the dollar. You can raise a fat steer with growth hormones at twice the speed that I can raise one. This increases the over all cost of the end product. Consumers at wal-mart, Costco and such are not concerned with the hormones. They want an edible product at an affordable price. If all farms were to raise their beef like I do the general layperson would not afford the product. No hormones, less grains and more grass is what the public is demanding. As a small farm, I am able to cater to this demand slowly through private sales of my products. This is the problem with the American public understanding farms and farming. my small farm cannot feed 27 people. im still back in the 1950s or even earlier. With the population growth of today, the United States cannot sustain on small farms that grow slow food. So to point fingers at the Peterson’s or any other large farm is inappropriate. if you want your food different then what they provide, you have 2 alternatives.
    A: grow it your self. however, No one wants to be bothered with working the gardens, or tending the livestock. they would rather be driving their fancy cars, and spending time at the lake. I don’t have that luxury, but I do have the luxury of non hormone treated meat, with limited GMO consumption. I say limited because we do use corn to finish our steers.
    B: the option is to suck it up, locate a LOCAL farm growing food the way you desire and PAY for it. do expect to pay, because stated above, the time frame for me to raise a steer is 24-30 months, for them, more like 18 months.
    so while I don’t PERSONALLY agree with the implants, I do completely understand them. I do not criticize the other farmers for their way of production because they are feeding the world, quite literally. I am feeding a couple families. without the farmers you all so love to pick on and hate, you all would be pushin up the daisies, because lets me honest. How many of you reading this can grow and put up enough food for just your own immediate family? I can.. but I bet most of you cannot. in conclusion.. don’t throw stones at the farmer that feeds you.

  7. I love listening to all of you sing. I believe that with you doing all these videos are educating a lot of people about farming. I really appreciate that you 3 take your time to help educating the public about the farming life. Its a really cool thing that you are doing. But I do have some questions about how you do the videos like, “How do you film and do your job?” If you have time I would love to get an answer on this question.

  8. We enjoyed having you with us for Thanksgiving (through song and videos). My three grandsons can’t get enough. In fact the 1 1/2 year old’s first word can certainly be documented as “Bale”. Keep up the fun and entertaining work!

  9. Thank you for all you do, for getting out there that without a farmer, there would be no food on the table. I come from Northern Nevada and grew up on farm raised beer, now my own family buys a farm raised steer then we have it for our dinner table once it is ready. Our children are following in our foot steps and we rarely get our meat from the store.

    God bless you and your family for your wonderful ethics and good nature.

  10. 5th generation farm!! That is so awesome. You should parady We Are Family and include pictures of previous generations.


    P.S. thanks for supper last jight 😉

  11. Everything that was said was so well written and educational! I think there are a lot of good facts and points made throughout this blog. Thank you for putting food on the table!

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